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    The civilizations of 5000 years stand for the long history of China, Chinese traditional work of art expresses the brilliant culture of China. As a part of Chinese culture, Chinese antique furniture is always keeping indisputable position depending on the profound means of culture, unique temperament of figure and exquisite technique.

    Hongri antique furniture company is a specialized enterprise in making Chinese traditional furniture from Ming & Qing Dynasty, company founded in early 1990’s, covering area over 10,000 sq, m, which contains the showroom beyond 2000 sq, m and processing workshop more than 3000 sq, m. Each of our product picks up rare woods, such Zitan, Huang Hua Li, Hong Mu, as materials, and carrying forward the characteristics from Chinese traditional furnitures, which includes the ingenuity, accuracy, tenon structure and finished carving.

    Each of our product has experienced the exquisite carving and repeated polish. And we refuse to use painting and putty from materials to product, so it is truly green.

    Because every wood need be manufactured throught the various means, we can ensure that our product wouldn’t fear of the splitting and cracking when it survives worldwide.

    Our furniture hasn’t any nail, but it is the tremendous firmness; our furniture doesn’t use any antiseptic, but it is able to lasting over one hundred years; our furniture doesn’t need any paint, but it is still keeping the splendid colour.

    Except for the practical value and appreciative value, even our furniture have a value of collection deeply. Our product symbolizes not only every customer who possesses the fortune and high social status, but he owns the noble taste of cultivation.

    Company is able to offer all kinds of Ming and Qing furniture, and make furniture according to your demands.

    Our products are still picking up the best materials, finding to manufacturing. Feng Guang Hong, president, represents the staffs to trade warmly welcome appreciate your visit.

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